Toy hauler comparison

RV season is in full swing.  Most of the large central Texas RV shows are happening between January and February.  So I put together a comparison chart to highlight some of the toy haulers we’re looking at and the pros and cons between them.

Some of the key features we’re looking for are:

  • Large tank sizes to reduce the frequency we need to dump
  • A road schooling environment where we can utilize a large TV connected to Apple TV as an overhead projector or white board.
  • Storage for the kids clothing and toys.  We’re looking to add furniture to the garage to substantially increase the kids storage.
  • We love to watch movies as a family, so a nice location for us all to gather and watch a move comfortably is necessary.
  • Office location for Dad to work.  We would prefer a built in desk, however there aren’t many floor plans with a desk so space to add a portable desk would work as well.
CriteriaFuzion 403Cyclone 4100Seismic 3912Voltage V4000Road Warrior 425
Length44' 0"43' 9"44' 2"43' 10"43' 10"
Height13' 3"13' 3"13' 3.5"13' 4"13' 3"
Fresh Water Tank (gal)112110148106110
Grey Water Tank (gal)8682122.58682
Black Water Tank (gal)868282.67641
Pros:- King bed
- Residential Fridge
- Residential Shower
- Garage that can accommodate 2 pieces of furniture
- King bed
- Big windows in master bedroom
- Built in ladder to access loft
- Loft has electrical outlet & cable outlet
- Big TVs in master bedroom and garage
- Sliding garage door allows for additional garage furniture
- Removable tables for living room couch
- Sunken shower tub
- 2 year warranty
- Huge tanks
- Lots of storage
- Good TV location in living room
- Great TV location in garage
- Big TVs in garage and master bedroom
- Queen size loft with cabinets
- Dual entry rear bath allows us to place furniture in front of garage bath door allowing for the most furniture for the kids.
- King bed
- Great TV location in living area
- Big TVs in garage and master bedroom
- Good storage in living room
- King Bed
- Office table
- Great TV location in living room
- Big windows in master bedroom
- Big TVs in garage and master bedroom
- Big pantry
- Built in loft ladder
- Sunken shower tub
- Big couch in living room
Cons:- Small TVs in Master Bed room and Garage (22" LCD)
- Living room TV location
- No built in desk but there is space for a portable table in the master bedroom
- No built in ladder to access loft
- Living room TV location
- Garage TV location is mounted up high
- Queen bed
- No option for 3 season door in garage
- Corner shower
- No built in office space however there is room for portable office table
- No electric fireplace
- Minimal storage in garage
- Not many options for adding furniture in garage
- Tiny black tank (41 gal)
- Limited furniture options for garage

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  1. Wow! A big decision. Do you have any idea when you might be hitting the road? Are you homeschooling already? I’m so excited for you all. Blessing to the family. Rose

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